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SERENGETI Elba Gafas de Sol

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  • Marca: Serengeti
  • ASIN: B016N2N10E
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Tipo de lente: Polarizado 555 nm
Categoría: 3 – 3
Cristal mineral, y provistas polarizado

Advertencia: Este juguete no ofrece protección
Dimensiones del producto: 20,3 x 7,6 x 7,6 cm ; 90,7 g
Número de modelo del producto: Elba
ASIN: B016NC728G
Producto en Amazon desde: 14 de noviembre de 2015
Serengeti Elba Sunglasses
Serengeti pioneered photochromic technology, and also engineer it into every lens that they make. In bright conditions when UV radiation is more intense, the lens molecules expand in size, darkening the lenses and allowing them to absorb more light. In darker conditions when UV radiation is less intense, the molecules shrink and separate, letting additional light pass through. In this way photochromic lenses do the work for your eyes, providing the optimal amount of light at all times to eliminate eyestrain and give you the clearest view of the world around you.
Specifically designed to interact with the full spectrum of light, Spectral Control works like a visual equalizer by selectively managing light wavelengths. Haze and glare are dramatically diminished, contrast is enhanced, and your vision is sharper-all while filtering out the distracting blue light that causes eye fatigue.
Serengeti polarizing technology organizes light entering the lens by acting as a microscopic venetian blind. Parallel light rays can enter, while distracting perpendicular rays from glare are absorbed. The result is a more technically efficient viewing experience, with unsurpassed comfort and an optically correct view.
Elba completes the refined Signature Collection, characterized by its beautifully crafted copper beryllium hinges. Its elegant feminine shape, with glamorous curves, will appeal to all women who love timeless elegance.
Fit: Medium Frame Features: Serengeti Signature Hinge, Wax Cast Copper Beryllium, Hand Sanded Frame, Grilamid TR90Lens Size: 54x48x60mm, DBL 16mmTemple Length: 135mmBase Curve: 6Rx
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